What is there to do at a winery?

There's tons to do! First off you can enjoy a $5 tasting of the Grace Hill sweet or dry wine lineup. With 14 very different wines to try you're sure to find something that you really like, and tasting wines in succession can be a great learning experience to take some of the mystery out of wine! After the tasting, take a tour of the vineyard, winery, and cellar, to see the entire winemaking process from vine to wine. Once the tour is over, stick around and enjoy a bottle of wine in our event center or patio overlooking the vineyard, take a stroll through the vineyard, or perhaps enjoy a picnic!

Do you have food on site or can I bring food? 

Yes! We have meat and cheese trays at the winery consisting of an assortment of meats, cheeses, hummus, and chocolates. The trays are $15 and feed 2-3 people. However if you want to bring your own food, you are more than welcome to do so as well. With both indoor and outdoor picnic places (both overlooking the vineyard), Grace Hill has the perfect spot to enjoy some good times with good wines and good friends all throughout the year! 

My partner isn't a wine drinker, do you have anything else besides wine? 

We understand that everyone has different tastes, and while we make wines for just about every taste, we understand that some people just aren't into wine. To accommodate that, we keep the cooler in the tasting room stocked with soda, water, and beer. Whenever you come to the winery we will have a selection of Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Boulevard Wheat, (El Dorado's Own) Walnut River Brewing Company Warbeard Red, and Wichita Brewing Company V6 IPA. 

 Can I bring my kids?

Of course. We've got toys for the little ones, yard games for the teenagers (and adults!), chickens to feed, and our mascot Georgia the English Bulldog to play with, Grace Hill Winery has fun for everyone!

I'd like to buy some Grace Hill Wines but I'm unable to make it to the winery. Where else can I purchase them?

You can find our wine in many liquor stores around the Wichita area, including Newton, Derby, El Dorado, and of course Wichita! We are in a few stores in Emporia, Topeka, Manhattan, Salina as well. For a complete list of Grace Hill friendly liquor stores, click here

If you'd like to purchase Grace Hill Wines online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep, check out our Vinoshipper page by clicking here!

I've heard you have volunteers help harvest your grapes. Is that true and where do I sign up?!

We do have volunteer harvest days on most Saturdays through August and September. We usually begin about 8 or 9AM, pick for about two hours (or until it gets hot), after which we bring all the volunteers into our event center for free wine and food! It's a great way to spend a Saturday morning and meet new people, and at the end you'll be wined and dined! RSVP's are all taken by email, so the best way to secure your spot is by joining our email list (to join click here), where you'll hear about harvest as well as other neat events Grace Hill puts on during the year!