Grace Hill Winery Event Price Sheet

Rental Fee: (140 Person Capacity)                                                                                                                                      

  • $500 for 3 hour Room Rental On Saturdays

  • $350 Sunday-Friday

  • $150 for each additional hour

Rental fee includes tables and chairs for up to 140 people. Also includes full access to iPod, CD, and DVD player, as well as use of projector for video and computer presentation needs.

All additional decoration and set up is to be done by renter, who will be given access to facility 2 hours before event time free of charge. Additional set up hours can be purchased for $75 per hour.

Burgundy linens are available for rent at $8 per table.

A full tour of the winery is available as well. During the tour, you will learn about the history of Grace Hill Winery as well as how the wines are made.  A single tour is optional and complimentary. 


  • $250 Deposit to reserve date. Deposit will be kept if cancelled within 120 days of event but is fully refundable until 120 days before event.

  • A $250 damage deposit is due thirty days prior to event. Damage deposit will be returned within two weeks of event.

  • Remainder of rental balance is due thirty days prior to event.

Catering and Alcohol Policy:                                                                                            

  • Renter may cater in food of their choice or bring their own. Full access to the kitchen will be made available.

  • Grace Hill Winery wines and beer purchased from Grace Hill are the only alcohols allowed on site.

  • Renter will receive 10% off tasting room prices off all wine purchased for event. If buying 12-23 bottles, renter will receive a 15% discount. If buying 24+ bottles, renter will receive a 20% discount. Wine purchases may be made before event or a count can be made during the event.

  • Beer can be purchased through the winery in the form of cans. More information about our beer policy can be found in our FAQ sheet below.

  • Wine glasses are provided for the event with rental of facility. They are $3 each if you would like to take them home or if any are broken or missing.

Event Center closes at 12AM.                                                                                             

Renter is responsible for any damage done on winery grounds during event.

Prices are subject to change.

Event FAQ’S

How many tables and chairs do you have?

We have 18 circular tables and 10 rectangular tables. The circular tables are 60” in diameter, 29” tall and can seat up to 8 people. The rectangular tables are 6 feet long, 30” tall, and can seat up to 8, though they are usually used as service tables for things like gifts, food, and the bar.

We have 150 black chairs and 40 white chairs, the use of which is included in your rental fee.


When can I come in to decorate?

On the day of the event, you will be allowed access to the event center 2 hours before your event. When you arrive to decorate, the event center will be empty. Tables and chairs will be conveniently located in their bins just outside the event center ready to go in.. You are responsible for the placement of tables and chairs, though we are happy to help with suggestions and to provide help if we have staff available to do so.


What are the alcohol policies?

We allow Grace Hill Wines as well as beer, which must be purchased through the winery. No liquor or outside alcohol is allowed. You are required to pay your alcohol bills before the event or on the night of the event in the tasting room.

Wine: We provide wine glasses and will keep the bar stocked with Grace Hill Wines throughout the event. For wine orders, we do ask that you let us know what wines you’d like served 24 hours before event time. You can either pre-purchase a certain amount of wine (which if it runs out we’ll have the tasting room open for guests to come purchase additional wine should they want to) or we can do a running tally during the event. The wine discount breakdown is as follows: 10% on any wine purchased for the event, 15% on 12-23 bottles, 20% on 24 or more bottles. 


  • Bud Light, Coors Light, Budweiser - $2.50 per beer

  • Boulevard Wheat, Walnut River Brewing Warbeard Irish Red, Wichita Brewing Company V6 IPA - $3.50 per beer

Since we will carry these all the time, you are only charged for what you use. If you would like different beers than the six listed, we can accommodate special orders as well, but what you don't use you won't be able to take with you and won't be refunded for. Special orders must be made at least 1 week ahead of the event.

Alcohol Payment Options:

  1. Set up a cash bar, meaning guests pay for their own alcohol.

  2. Set a budget beforehand and prepay for the beer and then we can change it into a cash bar should you reach that number.

  3. Keep it open-ended and pay for the beer at the end of the party. (Off menu beers do need to be paid for ahead of time.)


Can we get a tour?

A tour is optional but is included with rental. Additional tours can be arranged for $35 per tour. Our recommended timeline for a hypothetical 6pm event start with a tour is:

  • 4pm-6pm - Event Coordinators arrive and decorate

  • 6pm - Guests arrive, mingle, and try wine in a happy hour setting

  • 7pm - Dinner is served, (if a presentation is being given, usually this happens about then as well)

  • 8pm - Interested guests can take a tour of the vineyard, winery, and cellar, which will be led by a Grace Hill Employee

  • 8:30 - Guests return from the tour and can buy wine to take home with them or hang around until 9 and enjoy the party

  • 9pm until 9:45 - Clean Up


Can I use some of the oak barrels I’ve seen around the winery?

We have two oak barrels that we keep around specifically for use in events. You are welcome to put them wherever you would like for decoration.


What types of decorations can I use?

As long as you’re not nailing anything into the walls and/or putting big holes in things, we’re usually ok with it. Masking tape, push pins are all fine, just no glue or other super sticky adhesive material that will mark the walls. Other than that, just ask and we’ll try to work it out.

What is the clean up policy?

We ask that you leave the event center as you found it, with the tables and chairs back in their bins and everything that you brought taken along with you. We can take care of the sweeping and the trash. Usually cleaning takes about 45 minutes with a good crew and we do ask that you aim to take no longer than 45 minutes to clean everything up.